Projects Director / Construction Manager-KSA experience Must

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Saudi - Asir

Expired Job ( Read Warning First)

Posted date 14 Muharram 1440 - 24 September 2018
Location Saudi - Asir
Job Type Contract
شركة الكبريش للإستثمار والمقاولات
شركة الكبريش للإستثمار والمقاولات
Required Experience 10-20
Education Civil Engineer
Gender Male

1-He would be report to MD/CEO and would lead a team of Engineers and project managers under him.

2-He would be responsible for preparation of Instruction Manual of project work (step by step process & deadline to complete the project work) & guidelines of project execution to completion to all the Project Manager. Project execution Manuals plan must discuss with MD & CEO and update them from time to time as per the requirement of Ministry of Water Authority and sole decision of MD & CEO.

3-It would be responsibility of Construction manager in Network Division to maintain record and report for ongoing project work and its status, report of project every month with Dashboard. A combined list of all project and status will have to submit to MD & CEO in every month basis including any deviation plan, risk & solutions.

4-He would be responsible for monitoring the project development and its related problem, he also monitor and supervise the timely finish the project work (Proper Manpower planning, proper utilization of Equipment, Cost Analysis of project, coordinate with ministry for generate the sell bill on time etc.)

5-He would be responsible for supervising and guiding the tendering/ planning department for prepare & submit tendering documents on time and help company for getting new projects and new business. He is responsible for providing new business at least 200 million per year approximately.
 He will be responsible for monitoring the material requirement in the projects with Meeting Procurements and Manager.

6-He would be responsible for performance of new engineers, vacation plan for project engineers, project managers, technical/planning engineer by coordinate with HR department.

7-He will be responsible for timely receiving the progress report of each project regarding the work.

8-He is responsible for modification of team for development of network division, new ideas for company development, providing the comparing sheet of our competitor business and its related solutions for how to be better than our competitor in the market etc.

9-He is responsible for developing and maintaining the budget cost of each project, schedule the search, recommend sub-contractor & monitor their performance.

10-He is responsible for upgrade the company contractor classification for upgrade the company contractor classification to next level.

11-He must visit project site to check the compliance of procedure, regulation, safety, attendance & customer community satisfaction.

12-He is responsible for divesting the construction business line